14bit RAW “Video” on Canon DSLR’s with Magic Lantern


As you may have heard by now, we got our hands on the new Magic Lantern firmware for the Canon 5D Mark II and Mark III.  We are impressed, to say the least! This firmware is still in the early stages as we are only able to capture 10-14 fps for 1-2 seconds but we are confident that Magic Lantern will (like they always have) maximize the camera and it’s potential.

From Magic Lantern:  No mirror flip or shutter curtain movement; DNG silent pics for 5D2/5D3. This is a big deal for time lapsers who sometimes shoot 1000 or more shots in 1 sitting. This can significantly extend the life of their cameras. Also bodes well for RAW video in 14-bit RAW data in LiveView in the future.

Check out our H.264/RAW comparison video and download the DNG files for reference here.


Click here for RAW files







H.264 vs. RAW


Buffering Frames