“Summer In” – Short Film Competition


Summer In 3

“Summer In” is the first of many short film competitions we plan on hosting at Neumann Films.  The success of this first competition will go a long ways in providing the base for more down the road and the Indie community has stepped up to make that happen. We are thankful for the generous prize donations and judge duties offered from everyone involved.  Please “like” and “subscribe” to all of the prize/judge sites.  This will help ensure that the next short film competition maintains and possibly even exceeds the success of this first project.

Purchase all of our Royalty Free songs this month for use in the short film competition!

Download the official competition PDF for all relevant prize, judge, and contest info (created by Al Delcy).

Here is a good example of the format we are going for.

Batanes, Philippines from Nic Lopez on Vimeo.

Once your video is finished and uploaded to YouTube, please send it to us via email to nfsummerin@outlook.com with the following info: Full name and video URL.

Again, send your submissions to nfsummerin@outlook.com